The Concept

Testing the general automotive knowledge of students by asking questions related to technical and other related automotive subjects

  • History
  • Places
  • Personalities
  • Technologies
  • Companies
  • Vehicle types and specifications
  • Statistics of vehicles and so on
  • All Automotive related subjects (as part of curriculum)

Alignment with curriculum

  • All automotive related subjects


 Round-1  Round-2
Generic answers with aids using clue and so onLess questions Generic answers without aids Medium no of questions
Negative Marks Applicable

Competition Rules

  • Two rounds
  • General & Audio Visual Round – pass allowed
  • Specialization & Rapid fire – pass allowed

Time Cap

For rounds other than rapid fire

  • 30 seconds on direct
  • 15 seconds on pass
  • For rapid fire round
  • 120 seconds for 10 questions


  • First time right 5 marks
  • Bonus 1 mark
  • Rapid fire 2 marks for right answer
  • Negative mark -1 for wrong answer as per the following rules
    • Tier-1 No negative marks
    • Tier-2 Negative marks for rounds where pass is allowed
    • Tier-3 Negative marks for all rounds


  • Team size: 3 students